Connecting the innovation with the need.

The education market is rapidly evolving due to the economy, increased accountability, technology, and the expectations of parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  We specialize in business strategy,  product marketing, and business development for the education industry. Forward Thinking EDU™ starts with the solution and ends with the learner — be it student, teacher, instructor, administrator, or parent.

Forward Thinking EDU™ is committed to your success. Our objective is to demonstrate how your solution can help educators and/or students succeed in today's diverse learning environment. Beginning with the strategy and working through to the execution, we will break some marketing rules, speak through new channels, cut through the noise and help you communicate your solution's value to drive market traction and revenue for you and your shareholders. Partnering with Forward Thinking EDU™ is collaborative, engaging, and most of all contributes to the success of your solution or product.

Are you ready to succeed ?