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GreyEd Solutions


Looking Back to Get Ahead:  

Strategies for Prioritizing and Maximizing Your EdTech Initiatives

Dr. Julie Carter will lead a discussion on the importance of the organizational wellness check to help educators like you answer the critical questions on the return on both investment and learning.  How do you do decide what to keep?  How do you decide what to put aside?  How many initiatives can you prioritize this Spring?  Where are your stakeholders in this technology landscape?  How can you do more with what you already have?

February 21, 2018  3 PM Central 

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GESS Dubai

February 27 - March 1, 2018

Innovative Approaches to Student Engagement in Art History:  Is Gaming the Secret?

October 19, 2017 1PM CST

Presented By

Dr. Daniil Leidermann, Texas A&M University


Don't miss your opportunity to learn from a respected art history instructor as he shares his experience and success using educational gaming to help students.

Learn how to integrate a proven learning solution that is engaging to students.  Arte' Mecenas, will help your students understand context, learn experientially, and succeed in the art history course without sacrificing rigor or challenge.  

Gaming techniques have been proven to provide an environment in which students thrive.  Join us for this fascinating webinar where we will explore ways you can use an educational gaming journey to improve engagement and help students master Calculus topics.  

October 24, 2017

11am CST

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Click on the graphic for an archived view of the webinar featuring Michael Campbell, as host from Forward Thinking EDU and Steven Rowley from Acumen Partners. & MCH Strategic Data 

Sponsor the EdFocus Community

Click on the graphic for an archived copy of the webinar featuring, Ellen Bialo of IESD, INC., Ellen Cleary Ruane of Acumen Partners, and Michael Campbell, as host from Forward Thinking EDU. and MCH Strategic Data sponsor the EdFocus Community

Click on the graphic for an archived copy of the webinar featuring, Steven Rowley, Founder and Principal Advisor of Acumen Partners and Michael Campbell of Forward Thinking EDU

Presented by:  MaRS, Toronto, Ontario

Michael Campbell, President, Forward Thinking EDU, highlights key advice for companies in the educational technology space.

Presented as part of the MaRS EdTech Start-Up Series.

Sponsored by:  MaRS, Toronto Ontario Canada

How do the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)  affect your business in the education innovation sector? Michael Campbell, President, Forward Thinking EDU, discusses the CCSS, and why these standards matter to your product marketing strategy.

The CCSS were developed by leaders from the US National Governors Association and the US Council of Chief State School Officers, and have been adopted by most states in the US. These new standards provide teachers and parents with a consistent, clear understanding of what K-12 students are expected to learn. Under the CCSS, educational materials delve deeper into fewer topics, so students master the content, rather than memorizing, and learn hands-on, real-world skills.

The new standards create a nationwide framework for educators across the US. In this session, originally presented February 18, 2014,  Michael addresses the following, and more:

  • When the political rhetoric will settle regarding the CCSS?
  • What types of content do teachers expect— aligned, supported or integrated?
  • How can the CCSS change learning and teaching?

Presented as part of the MaRS Best Practices Series